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The Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission and Pakistan’s National Development Complex (NDC) worked together to create the ballistic missile known as Shaheen-III. (SUPARCO). It represents a significant advancement for Pakistan’s strategic defense capabilities and has the power to alter the defense posture of the nation. We shall examine Shaheen-III’s characteristics and how they affect Pakistan’s defense capability in this article.

Shaheen-III: What is it?

A land-based, surface-to-surface ballistic missile, the Shaheen-III. It can reach targets in parts of the Middle East and India with a range of up to 2,750 kilometers (1,700 miles). The missile is around 17 meters long and 50 tons in weight. It can carry both conventional and nuclear warheads.

Shaheen-III’s Characteristics:

The range of Shaheen-III is one of its important characteristics. It can reach targets throughout India, including major cities like Delhi and Mumbai, at a distance of 2,750 kilometers. This provides Pakistan with a reliable deterrent against the bigger and more powerful military of India.
The precision of Shaheen-III is a crucial component. The missile employs a cutting-edge guiding system that enables precise target acquisition. It can therefore be used to destroy vital infrastructure, military installations, and other high-value targets, making it a valuable weapon for Pakistan’s military.

Effects on Pakistan’s Defense Resources:

Shaheen-III significantly impacts Pakistan’s defense capabilities. It provides Pakistan with a reliable deterrence against India’s larger and more powerful military Thanks to its great range and accuracy. Additionally, it strengthens Pakistan’s strategic defense capabilities, making it a more potent regional power.
Additionally, Shaheen-III gives Pakistan the capability to launch nuclear attacks far within India. This alters the nuclear standoff between India and Pakistan by enabling Pakistan to attack sites that were previously beyond its reach. This might intensify hostilities between the two nations, raising the possibility of a nuclear exchange.


A notable improvement to Pakistan’s strategic defense capability is Shaheen-III. Its accuracy and great range make it a reliable deterrent against India’s more powerful and sophisticated military, and its capacity to carry nuclear warheads gives the India-Pakistan nuclear standoff a new aspect. The missile could significantly alter the balance of power in the region as it is developed and improved.

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